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Film production

A top-notch team in the most inhospitable regions
You want to bring nature’s irresistible force, extreme sports and life under special conditions to the screen. How can you ensure an affordable film production achieving this? By hiring the eminent experts in this field! We bring our experiences to the screen.

Media consultancy

Safety and expert advice for your film crew
Filming in inhospitable regions will test your crew and equipment to the limit. Is your crew both physically and mentally prepared for this challenge? FrostnipFilms has extensive experience in supporting adventurous media productions in all manner of environments across the world.
Are you interested in a film production?
Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kraaiheide 79
3069LC, Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 629037807
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Do you have your own crew, but you need assistance with your film production? Our second speciality is media consultancy. We can :
• Train
• Guide
• Advice
your crew in preparation for your production or on-site.