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Safety and expert advice for your film crew
Filming in inhospitable regions will test your crew and equipment to the limit. Is your crew both physically and mentally prepared for this challenge?
FrostnipFilms has extensive experience in supporting adventurous media productions in all manner of environments across the world. We operate in Arctic regions, jungles, mountainous areas and deserts, but also closer to home. We provide training, guiding and safety advice. And of course you can also outsource the entire film production to us.
What do we offer?
• Advice on safety in inhospitable areas
• Rope safety (including industrial, canopy and helicopter rigging)
• Crew and cast coaching and ensuring their safety
• Medical risk analysis and support (MIRA)
• Pre-shoot risk assessments
• Dynamic risk assessments on-site
• Logistics and communication
• Pre-shoot briefing on environmental aspects
• Camera crew with outdoor experience
• 4×4 driver training and operators
Lost investments
Investments are often lost through tension between crew members, or inadequate knowledge of operating under difficult conditions. Everyone wants to capture that ‘special’ image, but there are few people actually capable of delivering it. It needs highly specific knowledge, skills and equipment. We know exactly what preparations must be made for each activity area.
Our team: experienced and qualified professionals
FrostnipFilms uses only highly experienced and qualified staff.
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Each member of our team has proven their worth many times over in their specific expertise area. We pick only the best professionals since this is critical to the safety of our crew. Everybody must be physically and mentally fit before we embark on our journey. We are ready to give your crew training and advice. This will assure the continuity of your projects, especially under difficult circumstances. This is how we deliver a brilliant film production together.

We would be happy to tell you more about media services in a personal conversation.
Are you interested in a film production?
Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kraaiheide 79
3069LC, Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 629037807
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Do you have your own crew, but you need assistance with your film production? Our second speciality is media consultancy. We can :
• Train
• Guide
• Advice
your crew in preparation for your production or on-site.