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We create our film productions with a team of highly experienced people who are prepared for the job both mentally and physically. We plan every film assignment the same way we plan our expeditions. Using our proprietary strategy module, we create a detailed overview of the tasks at hand. This approach allows to give our clients a transparent insight into all the costs and requirements. Our unique field experience has let to optimal efficiency.

For media consultancy, our role is to support your film crew, letting them operate to the best of their abilities.We understand the technical aspects of filming and the media industry. Our team knows when discretion and silence are needed. They also know how and where ropes and safety equipment are required for maximum safety.
Wilco van den Akker
Founder/Owner FrostnipFilms
Specialty : Filmproduction, editing, camerawork
As an adventurer, Wilco regularly takes solo expeditions on foot over ice, through jungles and deserts. As a keynote speaker, he is connected to several speakers bureaus and performed in various national media events, including the popular live television show Pauw & Witteman.

As a filmmaker he is preparing himself to shoot the FrozenEndurance documentary in 2014. A tough journey of almost 2,000 kilometres through nothing but snow and ice. A struggle revolving around camaraderie, survival and people with a story to tell. This documentary will pose the ultimate challenge to the athletes and his film crew.
Stani Groeneweg
Partner FrostnipFilms, Co-owner Nomadic Guiding
Speciality : Media consultancy (Training, guiding, safety consultancy)
Stani’s office and playground is the great outdoors. He works as a full time certified Wilderness Guide, International Mountain Leader and Extreme Environments Safety Consultant. He has guided people from all walks of life into the wilderness; from Military Personnel to Photographers and from CEO’s from a world leading oil company to TV personalities.

He has acted as Survival Expert and Safety Consultant on various TV productions, guiding TV crews and cast from -50°C in Canada to +45°C in Namibia. Providing safety in remote wilderness areas or performing as Wilderness Skills Expert on screen.
Megan Hine
Partner FrostnipFilms, Co-owner Nomadic guiding
Specialty : Media consultancy (Training, guiding, safety consultancy)
As an UIMLA International Mountain Leader Megan spends her life travelling the world leading expeditions, with 20 and counting commercial expeditions to places such as the Himalaya, the Arctic, Borneo and Namibia under her belt. She holds numerous qualifications in climbing, biking, skiing and mountain leading.

As a survival expert, Megan has appeared on survival shows and has consulted for and guided TV crews and private clients to some of the world’s most remote wilderness areas. She is at home in any wilderness environment, ready to face any challenge thrown at her.
Jeroen Wortelboer
Partner FrostnipFilms
Specialty : Research and development
With a master degree in Engineering, Jeroen worked for many year in the R&D industry with a strong focus on the many aspects of Safety and Security. The capability of designing and prototyping both hardware and embedded electronics makes the development curve toward new ideas fast and always in reach. Jeroen has designed several new modules for drones used in the cinematic industry so that a film producer can keep focus on filming and make the perfect shots. Understanding the special needs for equipment that can be used outside the protective surroundings of a studio is vital in this field. The best shots are sometimes the most dangerous ones to take. Having a team that understands and is able to mitigate the risks involved can be a strong enabler to make those shots successful.
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Do you have your own crew, but you need assistance with your film production? Our second speciality is media consultancy. We can :
• Train
• Guide
• Advice
your crew in preparation for your production or on-site.