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Why we love what we do?
Filming in extreme situations gives you a sense of complete freedom, but also of entrapment. Freedom in the sense that you can do anything and have to make your own decisions. Entrapment because you have to plan everything to perfection. If you overlook a particular aspect during the planning stage, there is no opportunity to remedy things on-site. In other words, super-tight preparation is the key. In inhospitable regions, feelings of joy and sadness lie very close. In fact, there is nothing in between. Thats what adventure is about!
Our objective
Our objective is to capture extraordinary sports, nature and life events and to share them with the viewer. We travel to the far corners of the globe as your film crew or as effective partner to your own crew. From jungles to deserts to the Arctic regions. To capture people’s stories or rugged natural scenes.
The name
The name FrostnipFilms derives from our love of Arctic expeditions. Frostnip is a condition where your skin freezes, causing a sensational tingling feeling. Our mission is to create film productions giving the viewer that same tingling sensation.
Are you interested in a film production?
Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kraaiheide 79
3069LC, Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 629037807
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Do you have your own crew, but you need assistance with your film production? Our second speciality is media consultancy. We can :
• Train
• Guide
• Advice
your crew in preparation for your production or on-site.