Nature’s irresistible force, sports, exploration and life under special conditions. Sharing experiences, emotions and regional impressions through images. Where can you find an affordable film production company able to achieve this?

About FrostnipFilms

FrostnipFilms is a ambitious film production company. We share a passion for adventure and new experiences. We will travel to the far corners of the world as a film crew or as crew support unit to create images instilling a sense of wonder.

Media consultancy

Filming in an inhospitable region taxes crew and equipment to the limit. Are you and your crew both physically and mentally prepared for this challenge? We provide support for adventurous media productions across the globe.

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In partnership with Aerialtronics we are developing a aerial filmproduction platform which can operate in the world most extreme environments.
FrostnipFilms News:
Explore, promo trailer of Megan Hine is online and reached Infinitylist!
Together with Andrew Jordan we are making a full documentary about the making of a KEW, long sword.
An rare inside look in one of the most extreme adventure race in the world. In 2014 we head to Alaska for a special adventure.
Are you interested in a film production?
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Kraaiheide 79
3069LC, Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 629037807
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Do you have your own crew, but you need assistance with your film production? Our second speciality is media consultancy. We can :
• Train
• Guide
• Advice
your crew in preparation for your production or on-site.